Stop the Time

With our connected watches and the What?Now Application you can track the moments that matter, group them into stories and share those memories with friends and those who matter, even if they weren't there.

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So... How
Does it Work?

Learn how to use the What? App. It's easy and fun.


How it works 1 / seize the Moment.

We all have had moments in our lives that stand out among the others. Whether it’s the perfect ending to a night or the start of something great…

1 / seize the Moment.
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2 / Stop the TIme.
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How it works 2 / Stop the TIme.

… stop the time with What? Watch and help the moment to live on. By pressing the red button, you create a visible memory mark on the watch face that allows you to reflect on that moment everytime you glance at your watch. Organized by month, these marks create the unique pattern of moments in your life, visible throughout the whole year.

How it works 3 / Add more to it.

The moments from the watch are timestamped and synced with the app. The precise timestamp can be paired with photos and descriptions of the memory to provide an enhanced platform for reflection that preserves the connection to the moment in time, and allows you to remember it always.

3 / Add more to it.

Download the app What? Now from

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4 / Share it with friends.

Download the app What? Now from

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How it works 4 / Share it with friends.

Moments are meant to be shared. Whether the important people in your life were there or not, a moment can be shared with them through the social functions of What?Now. Friends can be allowed to view the important moments in your personal journey or can collaborate to create a story of shared experiences.

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Document the prized moments of your life with our connected watch.

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What?Now App

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The complimentary app to our Stop The Time collection; capture precious life moments, share them with friends and re-live those times.

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