Calendar Watch

With our Calendar Watch application you will be able to transfer all data from your favourite digital calendars into your watch, manage your Calendar Watch settings, switch between the Watch operation modes and check the battery level of the Watch.

Calendar Watch <br />

How it works 1 / Triple Tap to activate

To establish a bluetooth connection between a Calendar Watch and the App - when you use your Watch first time - triple tap on a watch dial to activate Bluetooth.

2 / pair your watch and a calendar

How it works 2 / pair your watch and a calendar

Pair your calendar watch with your phone by laying it down right on the phone and pushing a "PAIR" button in the App. You can also pair your Watch entering your serial number into the App connectoion field. Once paired, watch would pair again automatically with every new connection.

How it works 3 / Home Screen

As connected the Watch will receive all data from the Calendar Application from your phone. All connected calendars will displayed on the watch in a pie-chart form. App home screen always shows you the actual charge of your Calendar Watch battery, so that you will never forget to charge it.

3 / Home Screen
4 / Settings screen

How it works 4 / Settings screen

It is all about making the use of a Calendar Watch convenient and easy. Change between Calendar watch work modes, enable alerts, calibrate time on a Watch and use other settings making your Watch individual to you.

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