We love turning ordinary into extraordinary


What? is this brand all about?

It’s about finding the unusual in everyday usual things, it’s about turning ordinary into the extraordinary, and it’s about being curious. It’s not about reaching a conclusion, but about looking at things in a different light, and seeing What? can be discovered along the way.

At the moment we are concentrating on rethinking traditional timekeeping, building watches that combine digital with analog and technology mixed with style in distinctive and original ways, but our aim is to create a range products that are distinctive, interesting, and that bring truly meaningful emotional benefits.

We are a young, dynamic and truly international team, and our products reflect our “cross-border” and “clean slate” thinking; our products aren’t designed for just one territory or user group, but for wide appeal across the globe.

We are into the detail and we are the curious kind, and we always wonder What is next.

Find out how it all started

The year is 2015, the city: Brooklyn.



We are the curious kind. The innately insatiable. The ones who feed on an instinctive need to explore. We never hesitate, never relent. We are always searching. And we can always find another way. Why? Because we question everything. We take a second look. Curiosity has found cures, matched opposites and stumbled on lost troves.

It sees what’s hiding in plain sight, and knows that everything is open to interpretation.
Curiosity can’t be cured, but it’s a welcome affliction. Because somewhere, something extraordinary is waiting to be discovered.

And curiosity will find it. Every last stone will be turned. Our lives are an ongoing investigation. But we’re not in search of a conclusion. Only better questions.

We are the curious kind.

And we’ll always wonder What is next.

Our Mission

Our aim is to create products that are distinctive and interesting. The products will provide both great value for the money, and truly meaningful emotional benefits. Our watches combine digital and analog, technology and style, in distinctive and original ways. From Tokyo to Helsinki, Zurich to New York, our global design perspective serves to reshape the way that What Watch wearers perceive and interact with time.



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